By far the easiest way* to start playing MUD right away is by using the Java-based client program that we provide here. There's only one catch: newer versions of Internet Explorer do not always have a Java "virtual machine" installed, thanks to the lawsuit between Sun (the makers of Java) and Microsoft. What this means to you, dear Player, is that if you wish to use this client, you may have to install Java support on your computer. Sun's Java VM can be found at

With Java installed, you can start playing right away by clicking one of the links below:

If you'd rather not install Java, or for some reason prefer not to use this client program, there are other ways to play.

*Unfortunately, most recent versions of Java completely broke our front-end. Since Java support in browsers is about to be phased out (Java is no longer supported in Chrome and is on its way out altogether in other browsers), this problem will not be fixed. With earlier versions of Java, it may still be possible to play (though I certainly don't recommend that you use an earlier version of Java, which has security problems.) If you use an earlier version, before you can use the Java client, you may need to add and to the list of site exceptions in the Java control panel.