Sirsloth's WizTerm
The Official Windows Client of MUD/BL

Welcome to the Home of WizTerm!

WizTerm is the Official MUD Client of MUD/British Legends, the original text-based multi-user dungeon. Developed especially for MUD/British Legends, WizTerm offers players many advantages over plain telnet or generic MUD clients.

There are currently three "incarnations" of this program:
  1. The old DOS version, WizTerm.EXE, is a 16-bit DOS executable that runs over the serial port and a modem connection.
  2. WizTerm32 is a modern, full-blown 32-bit Windows Telnet game client with many bells and whistles (see below). Check out this screen shot!
  3. JWizTerm is a Java implementation of WizTerm which can be run right out of most Java-capable browsers. It's currently in beta testing and still catching up to the feature richness of WizTerm32.
I have declared all WizTerm versions as Open Source. You are welcome to look at, download and even change the source code.

MUD/British Legends-specific advangtages of WizTerm:
(some of these features are not yet available in JWizTerm)

  • Auto spring-drinking command. - Perfect for newbies!
  • Automatic counter based on MUD/BL's internal clock to track stamina gains when sleeping.
  • Player names mapped to F-keys automatically (Ideal for socializing and extremely useful for dealing handily with nasty killers with impossible-to-type names.).
  • Sort facility for sorting player names and levels into easily trackable groupings.
  • Color-coded level tracking and 5 minutes player-memory.
  • Hit counter geared to game message to track how well you're doing in fights.
  • Special split-screen snoop window for those able to spy on other players.
  • Automatic game logging to text files.

Other Features of WizTerm:

  • WizTerm is free!
  • Command input line.
  • Macros and aliases.
  • Scroll-back buffer.
  • Game and real time clocks.
  • Font and screen color customization.
  • Hotkeys.
  • Support for control characters.

Why use WizTerm?

While commerical clients do a decent job on a variety of MUDs, these client must necessarily adapt themselves to the programming standardly used on hundreds of MUDs instead of the specialized code in MUD/British Legends, the original MUD.

WizTerm is written expressly for MUD/British Legends and is supported by a close tie between Game Admin and Sirsloth so that the features of WizTerm continue to function well within the MUD/British Legends special environment.

About WizTerm

WizTerm, originally written in 1993 for MUD/British Legends when it resided on Compuserve, is extremely popular with its players, including wizards and witches.

Since 1993, WizTerm has been rewritten from its original DOS form to a Windows-compatible environment. Wizterm will run under most versions of Windows, including Win95, Win98, WinNT, WinME and Win2K.

WizTerm will not make you a better player, but it will make your playing experience more convenient and enjoyable. Please try the Official Client of MUD/British-Legends today!

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